A small town girl raised in Minnesota, and now claim Colorado as a semi-permanent home. While once upon a time it was my dream to be on the road permanently, a nomad taking the world by storm, as I have grown am discovering my true  self, I’ve come to realize that while I crave the search of a new adventure, new cultures, new people, I treasure the comforts of a place to call home.

So now begins the life of the in-between. In between the comforts of home and the adventures of travel. This is my place to lay down those adventures and misadventures while at home and far away, and hope that you, the reader, may get a smile out of my mishaps and my discoveries and that they may inspire you leave your comfort zone for even just a moment, and know that whether you choose to throw caution to the wind entirely as I once desired to do, or just dip your toes into the waters of world, your comforts of home are wherever you choose them to be, and they will be awaiting your return.

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